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The Kingdom that is Your Body, and the Makings that Determine its Integrity

The very concept of a kingdom can be likened to so many facets of life. An optimal kingdom is respected, its subjects are cherished, its stronghold sustained, and its future always set on growth and expansion. While each of these responsibilities may function separately and require different methods, they are all for the sake of one endeavor, and that is to keep what it has alive and well. Our bodies are no different; we all have them yet few understand their capabilities and appreciate their potential. With them, we can discover and explore new ideas, build relationships and bridges into the unknown, construct cities and monuments, and even travel to worlds of beauty never thought possible to our predecessors. The myriad possibilities we possess are almost overwhelming compared to the time we have. Though, above all the significance that this can continue to entail, I emphasize this assessment because the connection provides such an obvious model to follow for our health and fortitude. Earth and water are always abundant, yet what seems to always be elusive by many is having the courage to view these as tools and resources for a greater system, a greater body. Considering this analogy then, what are the makings of a strong kingdom, and what is needed for highest vitality through such? Why is our most formidable enemy ourselves, and what can we do to build our greatest form in the face of despondence?

It's not so much one answer to one question. Rather, the solution lies within multiple levels and factors that begin in what forms the basis of the body's condition. The foundations on which a kingdom is constructed are not those that are meant to last for mere days or weeks, but years upon centuries, and is revered from the time it is built to well after its time, for all to marvel at its resilience and heartfelt build. In comparison, our bodies are a reflection of all that we comprise them of, ranging from what we consume physically to the brick and mortar of what we expose ourselves to hearing and seeing on a daily basis. For instance, to indulge in something as delightful as an apple fritter, or a sandwich from your favorite restaurant, would only eating this provide the same lasting benefits and energy that a bowl of fresh grapes or a perfectly cooked steak would, should it be all you had eaten? Similarly, would binging every popular television series reap the same effects on your productivity, cultural awareness, and use of time as would watching the occasional series, discovering new ideas and concepts through exploring various films, or reading even a chapter of a self-chosen book from authors of our past and present? Certainly not. While these all may be different inputs, they all eventually converge to the same system, the same vessel. The culmination of our diets and what what we choose to watch, read, and listen to then collectively decide the extent of not only our thought process, but our emotions, productivity, and outlook on life itself, which all in turn design the fortress we live through. How can such a cascade of effects be overlooked by so many for so long? Simply put, the normality that is publicly enforced and encouraged as well as the level of effort it takes to choose sensibly distracts us from the obvious fact that we are not keeping anything to ourselves. On the contrary, from that point on the personal choices we make become so much less intimate, but moreover a story that each of our bodies and lives tell the world and history as it is written day by day.

Is your story one that at first glance embodies conquest? Is it obvious just by your build and stature that each chapter of your book is written and powered by predominantly nutritious food and entertainment that revolves around the sake of supporting oneself and encouraging others? In this regard, the cover and contents should be one in the same, fully transparent, displaying a character that is not solely built for the moment, or one that knows nothing regarding nutrition and inspiring exposure, but a kingdom conscious of its subjects and value, keeping its stronghold sustained and enforced though its considerable sustenance and like-minded association. Perpetuating what is most cherished strong and healthy as possible will then only reap fruit that

is productive and lasting. Regarding association, however, such a noble endeavor of optimizing one's body is hardly ever done alone, nor is one ever inspired by themselves only. It takes not a handful but an entire legion of compatible confidants and external sources of motivation to help one see that their kingdom is built upon ample sources of encouragement and wisdom, and finds its expansion enabled through the reinforcement of others' input and experiences to assess what is best for their being and personal fortitude.

It should come as no surprise that some of the most crucial makings of a strong body and mind are that of its companions and peers. Can we think of any point in time, whether past or present, where anything improved or changed on its own with zero communication or dependence? Naturally, anything will atrophy if it does not look beyond its own sights or strive to exploit its surroundings. Granted, mostly everything will, which is why it is so vital that we keep in mind the fact that we have endless resources, from family, to friends, to connections made via travels and online platforms who are ready and willing to exchange stories and information that will arm us with all we need to create a body that grows from both its own experiences and beyond. Truly, there is no other way to build a strong kingdom that will stand and expand incrementally other than understanding the reality that it cannot erect itself on its own, nor can one build themselves without the aid and wisdom of their contemporaries.

As we're able to consider every aspect that attributes to building and sustaining a vessel worth comparing to something as monumental as a kingdom, it should go without saying that to simply create something is not enough. Though, what lies beyond creation? With something as extraordinary and valuable as a body that we are all fortunate enough to possess and have full ownership of, can we say with confidence that we are using it to the best of its ability, or are we rising just to fall? Of course, we can say that we are using our bodies one way or another, but at the end of the day, it is deed over declaration. There is nothing more stimulating, more liberating, than taking time in our lives to try a new hobby or creative outlet, or engage in some form of physical exercise either by ourselves or within a group that activates our body and brain synchronously, discovering new environments, surroundings, cultures, and regions of ourselves we have never known before. These are valiant acts; we do not want to be saved from the flames that provoke the unknown through challenge and adversity, but rather embody the inverse. From this idea, we can advise ourselves to wholeheartedly disdain complacence and comfort, and instead dwell in creativity and chaos.

Each day presents ample paths, a matrix of causes and effects, all based upon moves and countermoves that involve both our brain and our body. Whether we allow choices to pertain to resolve and voluntary struggle or allow tentative thoughts and uncertainty to cloud our vision and ability as individuals, it is our choice to permit either. Though, when has something so extraordinary, so simple yet so complex, ever been created if not to preserve its beauty, maximize it, and share it with the world? We can exploit resources both internal and external to build a bridge into impossibility itself, or, we have the liberty to let the vessel weaken and fade away rather than grow and bask. Does the average follow this model? Are these tenets prevalent in most lives, bodies, mindsets, and relationships? Until they are, kingdoms will only continue to fall, and potential civilizations will do nothing but become lost in time. So, let us not allow cold winds of doubt and stagnancy to put out our flames, but rather continue to stoke this fire by recognizing that we are both alive and aware that we have centuries of past kingdoms and reference to pave our path now, and remain as examples for decades to come.

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