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Battle Studies: An Exploration into Inquiry, Observation, Advice, and Appreciation

From the beginning of our lives, we are each granted our own physical and mental means to pave experiences and relationships, ideas and beliefs, feelings and convictions, all of which function as potential agents of growth and creation in the grand scheme of life. However, while they all at times may be separate and convey different outcomes, these sensations eventually converge and define who we were, currently are, and will become. What is the significance? In this beautiful yet chaotic pattern that we follow, our individuality becomes so much more than a treasure to merely keep to ourselves, but rather, a vast banquet for us all to bring to the table of age and existence.

That being said, is it not an obligation but a privilege to share what we think, feel, cherish, and are most molded by with all those that we can? Is it not the greatest of opportunities to be able to take that which inspires us and guides us toward fulfillment and happiness, and distribute it throughout the earth? As a collective ability we all possess, it is this desire and reason to explore the unknown and possible that such a publication has been made; the eagerness to recognize flaws and potentials in tenets, exploit them, and help one another to discover strength and wonder in a world so ample in noise and discouragement. Battle Studies, as this will be referred to, will serve as a source of questions and answers both personal and abroad as well as a platform of inspiration, beauty, and focus for all on the same quest of creation and clarity while leaving behind elements of fear and despondence in their search.

As we tap into what is observed and weighed heavily upon the heart and mind, this will allow us to stop fearing and start embracing the very forces that make us alive, which will in turn help us realize that through the various topics and facets to be discussed within Battle Studies, we are more prolific than we imagine ourselves to be, both internally and externally. The wine of life tastes so much better when shared with others, so let each article provided serve as a glass welcome to any and all who wish to taste the notes of inquiry, observation, advice, and appreciation of all existent in both the modern and ancient world in our hands.

Across all realms, it's irrelevant to question whether one is engaged creatively or simply a spectator regarding media. The choice is yours, so it is left in your ability to comment if desired, share via other platforms, and/or subscribe for future publications if intrigued. Your interest is always greatly appreciated, and will continue to serve as muse for further thoughts and messages as Battle Studies expands and pushes onward and upward.

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