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Verses 01


I plan to see forever

I know this to be done if done together

Delusion will shake the buildings, the planets, the systems and weather, though I can't envision a more selfless endeavor

This is not something I can accomplish alone, though my pride and shortcomings see it so

Will they follow me into the unknown, where the fruit and flowers have yet to grow?

We are not pharaohs, expired vessels who once ruled now concealed

No, we are the eternal renaissance!

We pull back our arrows with vigor, eager to see life revealed.

Last Dance

Tell me about heartache without telling me about heartbreak 

Give me the power of now without revealing the power of how

Show me blues and reds and oil and wine without showing me its inner walls and wastes of time

Instead teach me of the outer walls, the divine calls and toil and horses, without leaving out the bleeding palms, final chapters, and hidden forces 

As I’ve never left the country without an old leather belt, I’ve never told myself a promise that wasn’t truly felt 

But this time it’s different, my palms aren’t bleeding and my hair doesn’t curl

Minor cuts aren’t healing and the headaches no longer whirl

Though I know I’m still the same man, for I am what I eat and I am what I drink 

I’m a large iced americano, quick to act and late to think 

Though as for my last remaining dance, let me worry not about the goals of masses, or about masses at all

Only sure that my eyes became seasoned, and that my works left a crack in this marble wall.


You've given me life, you've given me breath

Had I not gazed upon you in times of strife,

This vessel would have already met its death

The shape of your throne remains the same

Though your endless shift of color inspires even the most merciless of names

Without you my armor is cold, my shield full of compromise

With you my spirit grows bold, my blood warmed from a myriad lives

Your agenda is indifferent to pain, 

A concept you'll outlast until the end of time

How can I not be inspired?

You are the author of all that is sublime

To dwell among the stars, your existence is hardly fragile,

Like the storms and oceans and struggle of Atlas, it's only with yourself that you find battle

We originate from the same creator, 

And from this fact I feel infinite kinship

You give everything yet ask for nothing,

To you I remain grateful until my last sip.


There are whispers between the oldest museums, a beckoning between our conversations

Symphonies of stories not yet told,

I hear only songs of longing that incite exultation

They haven't forgotten me, they say, though they await my requiem

They've given me blue and gold and sense of humor, In this regard I'll never forget them

They age my face yet they break my mold,

A foreign compassion from far away,

Their love and cruelty are things to behold, I truly know now they'll be saved.

It Was Lightning!

Threads of passion and vigor tore through this purple sky, the hands that once shook could now hold still, 

This vision had saved their hopeless mind yet faithful eyes, their survival was now promised upon this hill

These fibers tightened and twisted and made music to their behavior,

A strong rope was born from them, rope that would course through the veins of their savior

For this was their last sign, they no longer needed a storm from above or grass below them,

It had all ceased to matter including time, the world was still starving and there was fruit to grow them

Though there were miles to run before a feast could be celebrated, trepidation had faded while fury remained 

They broke the jaw of their past and stood on the throat of their future, a life of freedom was now theirs to claim.

These Lifeless Things

They’ve created a starless sky and plastic sun

Acts that seem they will never be undone

They gasp for air yet keep their heads under water

They prolong the battle, letting it grow hotter

They have the answers, they have the wings,

Yet they cut them off, these lifeless things

All swords have been made dull, for no battles are left to engage

I fear this whole life has been trivial as if a waste of age

All beauty feels gone, all music reduced to white noise

Until I wake up and realize I still hear nature’s voice.


I am not from Ithaca

My childhood proved neither rugged nor heroic

Though I never felt I was missing much

Despite the burning urge to stop this sense of homesick 

I know of an unknown

I know of this distant song

An ocean of purpose that awaits my arrival

A hilt made to hold this blade for a thousand years long

A citadel so abundant in nourishment, there is no rival.

The current will take me there, though hard fought it will be

I would give my whole life to witness what others will never see.

My Love

How many would sell the sky if they could, despite its deathly gaze?

As many times as I’d harvest saffron on my knees for you if I should, allowing not one crocus to waste

In moments where the rain will wash the Jekyll from my Hyde, you’ll always see through it all, the way the shore will always trust the tide

My legs may give out under the heat of summer sun, as my arms may fail to hold the winter moon,

Though I promise my hands will never release yours in the midst of a burning room

Why should I ever worry? Why should we ever depart?

Like the scents of maple and rosemary, I have your love as you have my heart.

Who Can Burn the Clouds! 

Let me not become scourge, let me sow not only games

Should I fall victim to grief, let it be limited to only my brain

I will never sharpen my teeth nor ever shift the blame

I will only intend to see all free, for does this world not have enough pain?

What I have are two hands, capable of bludgeon and bruise 

Though I know them to be wiser than this, so this is what I will choose

My hope and delight are words and water, so my form will see it through

To these two things and everything more, let them all belong to you

As for myself I only want challenge, a slab of meat and figs and cheese

Why should I care about time and family crests?

I never once felt akin to these.

The Hunted Dares Challenge the Hunter!

They will find warmth in the tent they share

And they will build pyramids on will alone

I could find strength in the length of my dark colored hair

Or I could find peace in the undying love they’ve always shown

Though In this field I stand there exists no loved one, no kindred spirit to soothe my soul

Only a furious beast armed with unholy teeth, eager to feast on my body whole

On this land we both stand with the will to live, I find optimism in this common ground

Will I live, or will he dine?

I see no future where I turn his challenge down.

Killer of Giants

I wake not to the freezing cold of what’s been established, but to a heightened sense of all things

You are ordered to listen, to purchase, to be what they wish 

But you are something else entirely, a scourge to what this brazen system brings!

Your heart will dance while your mind will bleed,

as you feel the museum doors seal one with the other

They can bask in your freedom or claw at the gates

You now feast while they starve, and this is what they must now take heed 

You are a human, a paragon, a killer of giants,

Their scowls and agenda are no longer your concern

You will fight for them until they fight for themselves,

Their monsters will abound as long as the sun will burn.


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